Happy New Year and all that good stuff…

Happy New Year and all that good stuff… so they say.  I know, it’s a little late, but hey…

So I’ve been working on some new things, and trying to finish up some older projects. I kind of got sidelined with the holidays, etc…but am hoping to keep one day a week, just for this blog. I think it will be therapeutic, fun, and hopefully will get me some of my photo mojo back…

This past summer, we were able to visit with some good friends, and go for a peaceful spin down the river on their pontoon boat… my friends husband had a huge lens, ( I want to say 500mm, but don’t quote me, .. I’m 50 now, and don’t remember.. LOL ) and it was also a Canon     ( Nikon girl here)  so it took me a little bit to figure out what the heck I was doing… It was fun trying to catch pics of all the wildlife birds… I live in the woods up Nawth, and I think I saw more birds on this trip, “in the city”, then I do in the clear cold rivers and lakes of NH…

(p.s.  first time in forever I’ve had to edit a JPEG, and not a RAW photo… ughhh!! lol)

Awesome day, awesome friends, memories forever.






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