Peep Things….


Let’s talk Peeps… ya know, the squishy, marsh mellow-y things that used to only come out at Easter? Ya… the ones that are out for EVERY holiday now, in every color of the rainbow.

I used to get them for my son, who LOVED them, but now seems to have outgrown them..(hate how kids have to grow up! ) He loved to squish them in his fingers, and play with them..  everything but eat them.. till the very end, when they were just a squishy ball of goo.

Now the peep line seems to be expanding…to THESE..

OREO PEEP COOKIES!!! say it isn’t soooooooo!

Yes… I had to try them….

My first impression was that they were a very bright, pretty pink, but alas,  too sweet for these taste buds.

I must confess that I haven’t had much sugar of late, so that may have played into it..but I felt they were also a little gritty.which probably makes sense, considering regular Peeps have the sugar coating on them…,

BUT… daughter and husband LOVED them… sugar addicts that they are…..

So… not so much a fan, but I’m sure the sugar aholics of the world are rejoicing!



Cha-Cha-Changes… ( said in sing songy voice to the tune of the David Bowie song.)

So HEY there, fellow bloggy’s…. Just letting you know, I’ve decided to change my blog name… I mean, why not? I love Coffee… and what do you do when you sit with a friend, and have a cup of joe together?? Yup.. you got it… TALK..

So lets TALK!

I’ll still post pics and such, but this is more fitting a name I think..

Hope you stick around and chat with me.!

Oh.. and for those trying to remember the David Bowie tune, mentioned above.. here ya  GO!