These days

Long time, no speak…

life happens..

These days are busy..

These days are long…

These days have me wondering..

These days have me grateful..


Happy 2018!!

Thinking about all the usual new year resolutions, and things people are trying, or wanting to achieve this year, reminded me about this blog. Things got crazy last year, with kids moving in, kids moving out, kids half in/half out, and finally kid moving faraway, and kid getting married, and said newly married kid, buying his own place to live! ya whoooo!

So here’s hoping to a calmer year.. a healthier year, and I’m kinda of afraid to say it, but a more organized year??  You’d think by now, this would be achievable, but I’m coming to terms with fibro fog, being almost 52, and other stresses.. I’m gonna go with, I WILL TRY..

I will try to be more organized. I would like to say I’m going to be more intentionable. That is my word for the year. Intentionable.

Life is flying by, and I would like to try to be more intentionable in all that I do.

Photography, relationships, blogging. growing, laughing, loving.. you know… all that stuff…

So here’s to trying and hoping….

oh.. and here’s something to cheer those of us up, that are in the deep frigid freeze…

Till next time.. THINK SPRING!



Peep Things….


Let’s talk Peeps… ya know, the squishy, marsh mellow-y things that used to only come out at Easter? Ya… the ones that are out for EVERY holiday now, in every color of the rainbow.

I used to get them for my son, who LOVED them, but now seems to have outgrown them..(hate how kids have to grow up! ) He loved to squish them in his fingers, and play with them..  everything but eat them.. till the very end, when they were just a squishy ball of goo.

Now the peep line seems to be expanding…to THESE..

OREO PEEP COOKIES!!! say it isn’t soooooooo!

Yes… I had to try them….

My first impression was that they were a very bright, pretty pink, but alas,  too sweet for these taste buds.

I must confess that I haven’t had much sugar of late, so that may have played into it..but I felt they were also a little gritty.which probably makes sense, considering regular Peeps have the sugar coating on them…,

BUT… daughter and husband LOVED them… sugar addicts that they are…..

So… not so much a fan, but I’m sure the sugar aholics of the world are rejoicing!


Cha-Cha-Changes… ( said in sing songy voice to the tune of the David Bowie song.)

So HEY there, fellow bloggy’s…. Just letting you know, I’ve decided to change my blog name… I mean, why not? I love Coffee… and what do you do when you sit with a friend, and have a cup of joe together?? Yup.. you got it… TALK..

So lets TALK!

I’ll still post pics and such, but this is more fitting a name I think..

Hope you stick around and chat with me.!

Oh.. and for those trying to remember the David Bowie tune, mentioned above.. here ya  GO!

Long winter days…

What else is there to do when its been snowing and blowing for days? When wicked wind chills and mounds of snow are every where? Well, you play with skittles!